Great British Spring Clean and Waste Day- Tuesday 20th March

Posted Tuesday, March 13, 2018

On Tuesday 20th March all the children at Swallowfeld and Busy Bees will be taking part in the national event- ‘The Great British Spring Clean’ around our school and in the local environment. We will be learning about looking after our environment, eliminating litter, ending waste and creating a great place for everyone.


These are the activities that each year group will be involved in:


Busy Bees- Cleaning in the garden and around Busy Bees

Foundation- Cleaning in the garden and around our classrooms

Year 1- Collecting litter around our field

Year 2- Collecting litter around our car park

Year 3- Walking to the park to collect litter

Year 4- Walking to the Parklands area to collect litter


Together we can make a difference and clean up the environment on our doorstep.

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