School Parliament

As in all true democracies we are proud to announce that we have our very own School Parliament which is ably led by an elected Prime Minister. Other cabinet roles include a Minister for Education and Minister for Finance.

Each class has an elected member who attends regular Parliament meetings in Mr Clarke’s room. The children raise issues that are important to them before going back to ask the opinions of the class. They then take those opinions back to Parliament where they are discussed and final decisions are made.

In the past the children have been instrumental in developing the new playground markings, purchasing new ICT programs for Maths and setting up a healthy tuck shop. To raise money for these projects we have sold fruit juice, popcorn and ice pops during break times. In addition to this we have also organised numerous fund raising events including those connected to ‘Children in Need’ and ‘Comic Relief’.

Our Parliament is an active group who takes great pride in representing their peers and makes a real difference to life in school.

The Parliament members for 2017/2018 are as follows:


School Parliament roles:

Holly – Prime Minister – Y4

Gracie – Deputy Prime Minister – Y4

Pippa – Minister for Education – Y4

Filip- Minister for the School Environment- Y4

Ruthie- Minister for Values- Y3

Killian- Member of Parliament- Y3

Lilly- Minister of Finance – Y2

Freddie – Deputy Minister of Finance – Y2

Jake – Deputy Minister for the School Environment – Y1

Oscar – Deputy Minister for the School Environment – Y1

Ewan – Member of Parliament – Foundation

Bethan – Member of Parliament – Foundation

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