Polydron Competition Winners!

Posted Monday, July 6, 2015

In Maths Year 2 were creating 3D shapes using the Polydron. The children made all sorts of 3D shapes like a cube, cuboid and pyramid.

However, there were two shapes we didn’t know the name of. We researched the properties and found out Lizzie and Caitlin had made a ‘dodecahedron’ and we discovered Sian’s shape had two names! It is known as a ‘truncated octahedron’ or a ‘tetradecahedron’.

During our search we saw there was a competition on the Polydron website to send in a picture of any models and shapes created with the resource. We sent in our picture and received an email telling us Sian’s model had come joint first prize, winning a Mega Tub of Polydron for the school! Well done Sian, a super discovery!





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