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Switch off Fortnight

Tuesday, December 4, 2018


The Eco Committee have been monitoring our use of electricity in school and reminding everyone how to save energy. As a result, they found a reduction in the amount of lights, laptops and white boards left on over lunchtimes. Let’s hope this continues!


Big Write

Friday, November 23, 2018

Next week, all the children at Swallowfield will be taking part in Big Write again. The children will bring home their ‘talk homework’ the day before in preparation for their Big Write the following day. Please find just a few minutes to talk about their ideas for their story. There is no need to produce written notes or plans, the focus is purely oral rehearsal. Don’t worry if you are new to Swallowfield, as a letter will be coming home to explain how it all works.

We look forward to reading their fantastic writing. Thank you for your continued support.


Talk homework: Swallowfield Lower School Big Write – National Tree Week

Teaching Maths at Swallowfield

Monday, November 19, 2018

Thank you for all those who were able to attend the Maths Meeting this morning (19.11.18). At Swallowfield we follow a mastery based approach to the teaching of Mathematics. This was explained at the meeting whilst focusing on how we teach addition and subtraction from Foundation to Year 4. Please use the Calculation Policy on our website to explore these operations in more detail.

Here is the presentation for you to review at home.

Many thanks,

Mr G McGill

Maths Meeting for Parents-November 2018

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