Monday and Tuesday at Swallowfield Busy Bees

Posted Tuesday, July 18, 2017

What an eventful week so far we have had.

This week we have been finding fun things to do with the help of the children. On Monday we washed all of the outdoor toys and equipment with lots of bubbles and water. Everything was clean and so were the children by the end of the morning !

We have set up our airflow on the school fieldĀ  as part of fun week and the children have been having 10 minute sessions and timing themselves with our timers. This will be out all week – weather permitting. ( photo’s in gallery)

IMG_1754 IMG_1755

Today we took part in The whole school Den Building Day and we built a den for Busy Bees Stanley to have a little holiday in . The children planned how they would do it and what they could use. They gathered together sheets, wood, tyres, sticks and bark, cardboard and Stanley.

IMG_1776 IMG_1778

We think they did very well and enjoyed their morning building.(photo’s in gallery)

This afternoon we held our annual Leavers party and what a lovely time we all had. Corina came and surprised the children with Elsa and the added surprise of Spiderman !

They danced, sang , played games , made an amazing mess and cleared it away in the quickest time ever – but had an amazing afternoon. All children went home with stickers and a certificate. Thank you Busy Bees staff for all your energy this afternoon.

Onwards to tomorrow and our Graduation Ceremony. A reminder that only 2 adults for each child can attend. All parents to arrive by 2pm – Busy Bees gate will be open at 1.50pm.


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