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Garden FoundationOur ‘Foundation’ classes are for our children who are in their Reception year, from when they start school until they enter Year 1 in the September after they are 5.
The early years of a child’s life are an important stage when the foundations for future development are established. At school, in the foundation stage, we foster the child’s own interests and offer activities that extend, enrich and develop potential. Activities and first hand experiences are the key to learning and lay the foundations for their further education.

Young children learn as they play. Attitudes, skills and knowledge are acquired as the child strives to understand his world.


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YFP                                                                 YFD

Teacher – Miss Papworth                                          Teacher – Miss Davison

LSAs – Mrs Ditty, Ms Brindle and Mrs Warwick         LSAs – Mrs Kenny, Ms Brindle and Mrs Warwick


Mrs Garratt and Mrs Thomas teach in both classes throughout the week.


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 Thank you to those who attended the parent welcome meeting. Here is the PowerPoint that supported our presentation:



Autumn 2 Planning Overview


Spring 1 Planning Overview 2017

Spring 2 overview

Foundation News

Foundation Science Week – Friday

Friday, March 16, 2018

This morning we were treated to an assembly from Science Boffin Claire. She showed us some experiments and even made overflowing toothpaste!

Our final experiment this morning was to create an egg themed rocket. We were able to control where it flew by attaching a piece of straw onto it to thread the string round. The children soon worked out how to control the speed of the rocket after working out how to make it move without touching it.

This afternoon we will have our last visit to Boffin Claire and see some more exciting Science!

Foundation Science Week: Thursday

Thursday, March 15, 2018

This morning we explored gravity – and the children had some AMAZING explanations of what they understood about the definition and how it shows itself.

This afternoon inter-house rocket cone shooting took place. The children developed their own ideas about how we could successfully shoot the cones as near to space as we could.

The results of the competition were as follows:

4th – Goldfinches

3rd – Woodpeckers

2nd – Kingfishers

1st – Robins

The points were added onto the house points for the week.

Foundation Science Week : Wednesday

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

This morning was a preparation type of morning – we prepared something for the scientist that will all become clear tomorrow!

After break the scientist contacted us to say he has been exploring magnets and wanted to find out a little more about what ‘attracts’  magnets. Some of us had some super understanding of the poles of magnets and all of us had lots of fun exploring this.

Over the past few afternoons we have also been exploring using toy vehicles. Our main focus has been on building different types of ramps and what effects the speed that the toy cars travel down them. We have had so much fun exploring this and came up with some terrific science reasoning behind it.



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