Foundation Growing News

Posted Friday, March 27, 2020














Hopefully those who took their bean greenhouses and seedling vegetables home are looking after them well and will have seen them change!

Maybe you could keep your own bean diary to show what happens to yours by drawing pictures every few days.

Those who weren’t able to take theirs, you could try one at home – all you need is a sealable bag, a damp paper towel and a seed- all beans and peas will work this way. Meanwhile the ones we started at school are being carefully looked after and as you can see, they too are changing!

After just a week, they had all started to get a little sprout. These gradually changed into a root and now that root is beginning to grow more little roots! Keep watching and see what happens over the next week!

The seedling veg are all starting to emerge in the warmth of the polytunnel.

The potatoes had started to sprout, so more compost has been added to the bags to keep them growing.


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