English at Swallowfield

Please go to our YouTube channel to find a presentation about English at Swallowfield. Alternatively you can find the link below.

Logging in to Google Classroom

Once you have received your Google Classroom login here is a handy guide on how to login with your child. Please select the link below to help you navigate through Google Classroom.


Please also find below copies of the Key Stage appropriate guidelines sent via ping

Parent’s Introduction to Google Classrooms BB

Parent’s Introduction to Google Classrooms Foundation

Parent’s Introduction to Google Classrooms Year 1 and 2

Parent’s Introduction to Google Classrooms Year 3 and Year 4 (1)

Many thanks

Run 4 Fun

What a fabulous day of running. A total of 312 children took part in their running challenges today, from Busy Bees to Year 4. It was lovely to see so many smiling happy faces despite the damp weather. Well done everyone.

2019-2020 Summary Report

We are pleased to attach a summary report for the academic year 2019-20 for our families and our community to read. As you will see, even though it was a difficult year we still managed to accomplish lots and have many successes.

The Senior Leadership Team

Summary Report-2019-20

Welcome back to School

We are very much looking forward to seeing you on Monday, our first day back to school for the Autumn Term. You and your children may be feeling a little anxious about the return to school after such a long time away but we would like to put your mind at ease and reassure you that all necessary steps are in place to keep the children happy and healthy as a new academic year starts up again. We have also been working hard to put together a recovery program that supports the children in the best possible way.

We would like to say a big, big thank you for all that you have done over the past few months. We know it has not been easy and appreciate your support through these difficult times.

It will be great to see all the children’s smiling faces again!

Please see attached the letter that went out on Thursday giving details on the return to school.

September Return Letter for Parents and Carers

Reading In Unusual Places

Have a look at some of the weird and wonderful places the children of Swallowfield like to read a book!!

Swallowfield Virtual Sports Day

This is  time of year when we would have been busy practising our sports’ skills ready for Sports Day. Sadly we can’t have our traditional sports day this year but, we have planned a Virtual Sports Day for all of our children to compete in both at home and school.

There are two parts to our sports day. Firstly a competition with lots of other schools and secondly an inter-house competition for the sports day trophies and house trophy for this year. All of the activities are accessible at home or school and can be undertaken indoors or outdoors.

The Inter-schools aspect of the competition can be accessed via Primary PE Planning

Here you will find details of all the activities, short video instructions and how to submit your score.

The Inter-house competition results can be submitted on a google form – simply provide the child’s name, house and total score.

Links for both websites can be found on the attached letter.

Next week will be your chance to get practising, ready to complete the sporting challenges. Scores can be submitted week commencing 6th July.

It would be fantastic to see as many children as possible participating and we would love to see any photographs.

If you have any questions or problems please get in touch.


Virtual Sports day

Happy Historians House Point Challenge – Results

Thank you so much to all the children that took part in this challenge to celebrate ‘Local and Community History Month’.  You all showed fantastic research skills and scored well on the quiz.  I was especially impressed with all the additional facts you told me, I have definitely learnt a lot from you about Milton Keynes and the local area.  I was also amazed by all the different ways you presented your findings.  I received PowerPoints, fact-files, YouTube videos and newspaper reports.

The results are as follows:

1st Place – Woodpeckers

2nd Place – Goldfinches

3rd Place Kingfishers

4th Place – Robins

Well done!  You are all ‘Happy Historians’.

Playful Nature Day 21st May

On 21 May, which should have been the next Outdoor Classroom Day, the organisers are inviting everyone to celebrate their connection to the natural world by dressing up in nature! They’ll be sharing lots of ideas in the run up to the day – with a  Pinterest board for inspiration, including how to:

  • Make a nature crown out of leaves, cardboard or twigs.
  • Use a cardboard box and paints to make beautiful butterfly wings.
  • Turn yourself into your favourite animal with a simple mask.

If it’s possible or you have the space, children could spend time playing outdoors in their creation on the day. Or they could dress up for their daily walk or hang out on the balcony to make their neighbours smile. Whatever you do, they are encouraging you to share it on social media on 21 May using #PlayfulNature.

We would love to see what you do too, so don’t forget to email pictures in to school.

To find more ideas for activities – https://outdoorclassroomday.org.uk/resources/


Sunflower Growing Challenge

We’re hoping for a ‘sunny’ autumn!

For the last few years we have been getting everyone at school growing, by holding a sunflower competition. Every child has planted a sunflower at school and taken it home or to relatives to grow.

Then we have asked them to send in pictures of how their sunflowers are doing and finally to measure them and send in a picture to enter our tallest sunflower competition. Every entry had a certificate with prizes for the tallest!

This year, we would like to do the same, reinforcing this month’s value of HOPE, even though we are not all in school at the moment. We would like to join in with the ‘Community Plant and Garden Equipment Recycling Group’ who are running a Sunflower Community Challenge aiming to make Woburn Sands and surrounding areas full of cheerful sunflowers this autumn.

Frosts Garden Centre and various individuals have donated seeds and the community group have been distributing seeds around families in Woburn Sands. Some of our lovely children have also been spreading their own grown seedlings around families too. Our Key Worker children have been busy planting seeds for school.

We would love to reach as many of our pupils as possible to be able to grow their own sunflowers. There have been various postings on the PTFA Facebook page to help connect to the Community Challenge and find details of how to get hold of seeds, pots etc. We are hoping that anyone else who has seeds or seedlings may be able to help to spread these around our families too.

We’ve had great success using seeds from our old sunflower heads in the past and some people have with bird seed and supermarket snack packs too! You don’t need plant pots either, any container will do, you could make paper pots, egg boxes, yogurt pots and food trays keep it very ‘eco’. Whilst potting compost speeds growth up, to start the seeds off, homemade compost, soil, sand and other mediums will be fine for a short while.

I’ve attached an updated guide to growing, which may help too. Do get in touch if you need more information.

Happy growing!

Mrs Thomas

Sunflower Growing- 2020

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