110 Club

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Swallowfield’s very own 110 club! You could win £25 and you’ll be helping raise much needed cash for Swallowfield.

How much does it cost?

Just £12 per year!  The odds are much better than the National Lottery and it’s a double whammy as you’re also helping Swallowfield PTFA raise funds for better school days for your children.

How does it work?

Your £12 buys you a share number. Each month we enter the share numbers into a draw to win the following prizes:

1st Prize £25
2nd Prize £15
3rd Prize £10

4th Prize £5

How do I join?

1) Complete the 100 Club Membership Form and hand this to the school office
2) Decide how you want to pay

a) Standing Order

If you want to pay by standing order, just fill in the 100 Club Standing Order form and send this only to your bank. Don’t forget to send the membership form back to the school as well!

b) Cheque

Make your cheque for £12, payable to Swallowfield PTFA.
Attach it to the membership form and return to school.

Where would we be without Rules?

1. Membership is open to all friends and family of pupils at Swallowfield Lower School
2. You may hold one or more shares
3. Numbers which have not been paid up will not enter the draw
4. If there are less than 70 members in any one month then the prize money will be reduced on a pro-rata basis.

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